The 2nd Experiment in Kofu

On Dec. 14 '97, we practiced the 2nd SS experiment in Kofu-Valley, Yamanashi prefecture, and tried long-distance QSO.

The systems were almost same as what we had used in the 1st experiment in Kitakyushu.

This time, we set one station on the top of Budo-no-oka (which means the hill of grapes, in Japanese). Another members moved around Kofu area, and operated from 4 different points.

Point A (5 kilo meters from Budo-no-oka):
Ping statistics was 100%, quite good. We tried WWW browsing from both direction and voice conversation with "cool talk". Both of them worked very comfortable, simultaneously.

Point B (15 kilo meters from Budo-no-oka):
Ping statistics was 100%, but the direction of antenna was more severe than it was at point A. We tried keyboard chat with "talk command" and didn't feel any frustration at all. Although we didn't try neither browsing nor voice chat between point B and Budo-no-oka, we were convinced that it worked well if we tried it, because ping statistics was 100%.

Point C and D (30 kilo meters from Budo-no-oka):
Ping statistics was nearly 20% at its peak. The condition was bad and unstable. We measured BER and it was almost 1E-2. I think a few db will be enough to make the condition stable.

Kofu area viewing from the top of Budo-no-oka

Computers and antenna we used

This experiment was performed by :

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