The 1st SS QSO in Japan

On Nov. 2 '97, the first ever QSO in Japan, using Spread Spectrum (SS) over ham radio, was performed by JJ1CEI/4 and 7K1NCP/6, with the support of the PRUG96 project.

We, PRUG96 members, went to Kitakyushu-city (Kyushu-island; the southern part of Japan) to join Partech '97. There, we demonstrated SS QSO on 2.4GHz band, for the first time.

Before the conference, some members including Mr. Mano (JJ1CEI) brought the system over to Shimonoseki-city (Honshu-island). Of course, other members and I, in Kitakyushu, prepared for the QSO and waited for their QRV.

The first ever QSO using SS was achieved between Kyushu-island and Honshu-island, holding the Straits of Kanmon. Not only had we accomplished 2way SS QSO for the first time, but also this QSO has a special meaning bacause we used TCP/IP over SS amateur packet radio.

Technical information can be referred from PRUG96 webpage. Also, you can see Mr. Kanno(JN1JDZ)'s report on the aspect viewing from Shimonoseki.

Center Frequency 2446MHz
Output Power less than 100mW (maybe 20mW or so)
Spreading Method Direct Sequence
Spread Length & Code 11bits Baker, 63bits m
Chipping Rate 4.4444Mchips/sec
Occupied Band Width 8MHz
Modulation DQPSK
Data Transfer Rate 808kbps

SS Transcever and IPSM

27 elements Yagi beaming to Shimonoseki-city over the Straits of Kanmon

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